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Happy Release Day!

Reading level: Ages 18 and up
Hardcover: 592 pages
Publisher: NAL Hardcover
Release Date: March 27, 2012


Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment has been unrecognizable from the vampire leader he once was. Physically emaciated and heartbroken beyond despair, he has been brought back to the Brotherhood by a self-serving fallen angel. Now, fighting once again with ruthless vengeance, he is unprepared to face a new kind of tragedy.
When Tohr begins to see his beloved in his dreams—trapped in a cold, isolated netherworld far from the peace and tranquility of the Fade—he turns to the angel in hopes of saving the one he has lost. But because Lassiter tells him he must learn to love another to free his former mate, Tohr knows they are all doomed....
Except then a female with a shadowed history begins to get through to him. Against the backdrop of the raging war with the lessers, and with a new clan of vampires vying for the Blind King’s throne, Tohr struggles between the buried past and a very hot, passion-filled future…but can his heart let go and set all of them free?


Author Interview: Tara Manderino


Author Tara Manderino loves to create stories and situations for the people running around in her head. She first began writing in third grade when she realized she couldn't afford her reading habit.

She writes and is published in a variety of genres and finds that each one is her favorite at the time. Her books are available at a variety of online retailers.

Tara resides in her native town in southwestern Pennsylvania. When she’s not chasing Lydia, the boxer, she’s writing her own stories, or reading, Tara likes to bake, watch old movies, and do a variety of crafts.

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What inspired you with the idea for this Book?

Thinking about vampires in general. There are all these vamps running around. Didn’t any of them have
kids before they became vampires? Alex did. He also admitted becoming a vampire wasn’t the brightest
move he ever made, but it seemed to follow other bad decisions. After watching his own son for awhile,
he decided he wanted to watch his progeny.

How did you get interested in writing this particular genre?

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. If there is good, it must be balanced by evil. I wanted to take something considered evil and turn it around. Alex became a detective because it was a way to be helpful.

What was the easiest/hardest part about writing this book?

The easiest part were definitely the characters. Alex showed up one day, and I told him to go away because I didn’t have a story. He bounced back with Lisa and the kidnapped child. The absolute hardest part was finding an obscure language.

What's a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily writing goal?

A typical writing day is anything but typical. All I can say is that it involves writing and editing, and preferably not of the same work at the same time! I do like to set a goal of 100 words a day. That idea is from another writer friend of mine. That way I can say I wrote. Generally, the real work output is between a few hundred and a few thousand.

What’s the best thing about being an author?

Letting the people in my head out! When I was working on my American historical series, I was getting
positively crazy. When I was finishing up Simon’s story, Luke, his partner, kept pacing about. I could
hear him nagging me. When was I going to be done? When was I getting to his story? Could I please
hurry it up, he wanted his book done.

Do you have any favorite authors or favorite books?

Probably way too many to mention. I adore Joanna Lindsey’s earlier Malory family novels.

If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world... Which would it be?

Oh my! I don’t know if that is a fair question. In my own books, I would love to visit 1874 U.S. This was
an exciting time with new discoveries on all fronts.

What's one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?

Write. Write what you want to read, and write from the heart. Then, once it’s written, edit.

Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects?

Lots of goals! Currently, I’m working on the edit for the third book of the President’s Orders series,
featuring Secret Service agents Simon and Luke. I am working on a short vampire story, and on an
inspirational romance novel. Just a little diversity. I can’t wait to get caught up with those projects
because I have a regency I would like to write.

Thank you so much for stopping by to answer those questions for us! It was fun getting to know more about you!

Tara has many books out now. You can check them out here!


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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


In My Mailbox #19

Hosted by Kristy at The Story Siren,  inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie.
Where we post about books we have received 
during the week via mailbox, local library, or store bought, etc.


Love, Come to Me - Lisa Kleypas
Extras - Scott Westerfeld
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
If I Stay - Gayle Forman
Julie & Julia - Julie Powell



So, can I fan girl squeee for just a minute please? OMG!!! I met Lauren Oliver tonight! Thank you.

She came to my local B&N for a book signing. This was my very first! Let me start off by saying that Lauren is the sweetest person EVER! She is super cool and down to earth. When it came to signing books, I got nervous. She is my favorite Author! My mouth goes dry, my hands get sweaty. Ugh.. Anyways here are some pics we took!

 Me, Lauren, Mandy

What she signed in my books!

I had a pretty awesome day!!


In My Mailbox #18

Hosted by Kristy at The Story Siren,  inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie.
Where we post about books we have received 
during the week via mailbox, local library, or store bought, etc.


Private - Kate Brian
Hourglass - Claudia Gray
After - Amy Efaw


Diary of a crush - Sarra Manning
One True Theory of Love - Laura Fitzgerald




For werewolf Natalya Stravinsky, the supernatural is nothing extraordinary. What does seem strange is that she’s stuck in her hometown of South Toms River, New Jersey, the outcast of her pack, selling antiques to finicky magical creatures. Restless and recovering from her split with gorgeous ex-boyfriend, Thorn, Nat finds comfort in an unusual place: her obsessively collected stash of holiday trinkets. But complications pile up faster than her ornaments when Thorn returns home—and the two discover that the spark between them remains intense.

Before Nat can sort out their relationship, she must face a more immediate and dangerous problem. Her pack is under attack from the savage Long Island werewolves—and Nat is their first target in a turf war. Toss in a handsome wizard vying for her affection, a therapy group for the anxious and enchanted, and the South Toms River pack leader ready to throw her to the wolves, and it’s enough to give anybody a panic attack. With the stakes as high as the full moon, Nat must summon all of her strength to save her pack and, ultimately, herself.

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group 
Publication date: 4/24/2012
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 304

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Coveted by Shawntelle Madison (Excerpt)

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