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WINNERS: Heart Waves

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Heart Waves Blog Tour: Character Post and Giveaway

First off I would like to thank Danielle for including me in this blog tour. I absolute loved Heart Waves! Be sure to check out my review here. Now on to the Character Post! This is from Jenna's POV.

Thank you so much Ashley for having me here today! I am so excited!

I'm not psychic. It's important to understand that. I don't pretend to be either. I just pick up energy and interpret it. That's what I was doing when I met Reece Walton. We were at a party, one I didn't want to be at, and I became the main attraction. I got to bust this total loser for cheating on his girlfriend, so I didn't mind too much. Especially since I owed him for the one date we went on. As if you can call parking in a dark desolate location in hopes of getting . . . I digress.

It was after his teary eyed girlfriend ran from him that I heard Reece's voice. I stopped dead in my tracks. It was the most beautiful sound I ever heard. Reece slipped his ring in my hand. I knew right then and there I would fall desperately, hopelessly in love with him. I also knew in that moment he would break and shatter my heart.

Torn between the promise of a once in a lifetime love and soul crushing heartbreak I had a choice to make. At least I tried to convince myself I had a choice. I struggled with keeping Reece at a safe distance while at the same time enjoying every minute with him. Until the night I saw him at the boardwalk walking with another girl. I hated him at that moment, but not as much as I hated myself, or her. That was the night I gave in. Even knowing he could very well destroy me, I knew I had to be with him. Already he possessed my heart. He was my soul mate.  

If you want to know more you're going to have pick up the book and take the journey with us. 

 Such a tease! This book is amazing! You will not be disappointed!

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Review: Heart Waves

Title: Heart Waves
Author: Danielle Siabarium
Genre: YA, Romance
Format: Paperback, 251pp
Source: Author, Requested Review

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Jenna Kingsley has a gift. She knows things. With a simple touch she can pick up personal information from jewelry or objects. While at a neighbor’s party, a voice mesmerizes her. Jenna is momentarily frozen as a ring is placed in her hand. White electricity surges through her and a dire prediction is made. “It’s like Romeo and Juliet. You’re going to break my heart.”

From the moment they meet, Jenna is enchanted and entranced with Reece Walton. She’s thrilled to learn he’s spending the summer two houses away from hers. Every moment they spend together is magical. But she can’t get the prediction out of her mind. As the summer draws to a close and secrets are revealed, can Jenna get past the fear of being left with a broken heart to live in the moment with Reece or will her fear of being hurt fulfill the prophecy?


Let me start out by saying this book is amazing! Danielle has a way with words that makes you lose yourself in the world she has created. This book had me captivated from the very beginning. I didn't want to put the book down. When I had to, I couldn't wait to get back to reading. For me that makes an amazing story.

The characters were so easy to connect with. They were down to earth, like someone you could bump into on the street. That always makes the story more believable. I am a sucker for romance, and this book lays it on thick! I can not wait for the second book to come out!

I can not say enough about this book with out giving away all the details. So take my advice and go pick this one up!


I absolutely love it!


Excerpt: Days Of Splendor, Days Of Sorrow

 HOT on the shelves is the next in Juliet Greys Marie Antoinette series, DAYS OF SPLENDOR – 

A captivating novel of rich spectacle and royal scandal, Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow spans fifteen years in the fateful reign of Marie Antoinette, France’s most legendary and notorious queen.

Paris, 1774. At the tender age of eighteen, Marie Antoinette ascends to the French throne alongside her husband, Louis XVI. But behind the extravagance of the young queen’s elaborate silk gowns and dizzyingly high coiffures, she harbors deeper fears for her future and that of the Bourbon dynasty.

From the early growing pains of marriage to the joy of conceiving a child, from her passion for Swedish military attaché Axel von Fersen to the devastating Affair of the Diamond Necklace, Marie Antoinette tries to rise above the gossip and rivalries that encircle her. But as revolution blossoms in America, a much larger threat looms beyond the gilded gates of Versailles—one that could sweep away the French monarchy forever.

Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow; A Novel of Marie Antoinette


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They are currently revamping their site. They're adding Critic Reviews! It's still in beta testing but they have given me permission to share with my readers! How cool is that?! So right now you can go to their site and see all the cool new things their doing!


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