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Crave by J.R. Ward

Crave is the second novel in the Fallen Angels series. It was a pretty good read, nothing compared to the first novel though. This book seemed very slow to me, I couldn't get into it until towards the end, then it picked up the pace. I think I'm starting to like the fallen Angels. I think Adrian is going to be my favorite. He has a secret, and I hope we find out more about him soon. At the end of Covet, Jim had to find and kill Issac Rothe, a soldier who went AWOL from XOps. Little does he know that's also his next mission to save the world. Its not hard to find him though, Issac gets arrested for illegal cage fighting. He gets a Court-Ordered attorney, which is the beautiful Grier Childe. And she is determined to help Issac if he wants it or not. She goes as far a paying for his bail. Then the sparks fly between the two, which ends in a night of passion that makes Isaac re-think leaving. Then Grier has a frightening encounter with Matthias, and Isaac realizes he must protect her, even as Jim urges him to get out of town. Who will win this war between good and evil? Read and find out. This is going to be a great Series!

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