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Review: Shoe Strings

Title: Shoe Strings
Author: Christy Hayes
Genre: Adult Romance
Format: eBook, 263pg
Source: Author, Requested Review

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After a surprise visit from her estranged father, Atlanta-based boutique owner and shoe designer, Angelita Barros, heads for the mountains of North Carolina where she finds resisting the tempting Jesse Bloodworth as difficult as maneuvering small town life in her custom made stilettos. By the time her father’s threats force her home, she’s left footprints on almost everyone in Jesse’s life: his father, his ex-wife and his teenaged son.  Jesse knows he won’t ever find someone to fill Angelita’s fancy shoes and follows her to Atlanta where he’ll discover more of her past than he bargained for. Will Angelita’s prince charming come to her rescue or does Jesse’s love come with Shoe Strings attached?


Wow! Let me first say I have been in a kind of reading funk.. I think its in big part to me not being home, but nothing was grabbing my attention. I picked up this book, and it blew me away. It captured me from the beginning and didn't let me go until I finished. Every time I set this book down i would think about the characters and what they were going through and wondering what was going to happen next until I just gave up. I told the dishes they would have to wait, I had to finish this book. Christy did a fabulous job with her writing style. Every scene is believable, she did an amazing job on detail. Every thing played out like a movie in my head.

I love the story. There is more than one story, more than one happily ever after, and it made me feel good inside. I know this is only a book but just thinking what these characters went through and how they end up.. you have to read this book. 



  1. Sounds good to me! Great review.

  2. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I love shoes and therefore I loved the look of this book immediately! And after your review I will have to add it to my wishlist! Can't wait to get my hands on this one :)

  3. Dana: Thank you! This book is very good. It kind of took me by surprise.

    Lu: I judge books by their covers too! I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I'm a cover lover.


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