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The Man in the Moon

Title: The Man in the Moon
Series: Guardians of Childhood #1
Author: William Joyce
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Format: ARC, 29 pp
Source: Atheneum Books for Young Readers

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   Up there in the sky.
    Don’t you see him?
    No, not the moon.
The Man in the Moon.
He wasn’t always a man.
Nor was he always on the moon.
He was once a child.
Like you.
Until a battle,
a shooting star,
and a lost balloon
sent him on a quest.
Meet the very first guardian of childhood.
MiM, the Man in the Moon.


I usually don't review children's book on here, but I just had to let everyone know about this book. The illustrations in the book are beautiful. The story is one you will never forget. This is the first of six books from William Joyce, about childhood hero's, The Man in the Moon (MiM for short) Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sand Man, Jack Frost.

The Man in the Moon is about a family that lives on the moon clipper and travels from planet to planet. MiM has never had a nightmare, so when Pitch, the king of nightmares hears this news he is determined to fix that.

This is a story for the young and old alike. Joyce is a genius with words.


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