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Review: His Country Girl

Title: His Country Girl
Series: Granger Family Ranch #4
Author: Jillian Hart
Genre: Adult Romance
Format: Paperback, 218pp
Source: Harlequin Ambassadors

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To fulfill a sick boy's wish, rodeo star Tucker Granger surprises little Owen in the hospital. But no one is more surprised than single mother Sierra Baker. She figures the carefree champion for a different kind of man. One who doesn't spend hours talking "cowboy code" with a hospital-bound child. One who can't have her dreaming of a second chance at love. Somehow, Tucker ropes her heart and fills it with hope. Hope that this country girl and her son can lasso the roaming bronc rider into their family forever.


This is a very clean romance. This story is pretty cute. Although there were a few things I didn't like. There were a few parts in the book when I couldn't figure out who was talking. It was like they moved on to something else and I didn't know about it. Another thing that got me was all the back and forth. I love you, I hate you, you haven't really changed, but maybe you have, either way it won't work. The end kind of took me by surprise. Usually you get a chapter or two of a happily ever after, but in this one you get a couple pages. Maybe because its a part of a series, and you'll get to hear about them later? I don't know.

The main thing I loved about this book was the love Sierra had for her son. Every action she even though about doing, ran through a process in her, making sure it wasn't going to hurt owen in any way. Which I can relate to. My son comes before any thing else.

Overall this was a good book. I think it can be read as a stand alone book, but you would get more out of the story if you started at the beginning of the series.


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