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Review: Wishless

Title: Wishless
Author: Louise Caiola
Genre: YA
Format: eBook, 220pg
Source: Author, Requested Review

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Can strangers become sisters, a long-lost father become a dad, and can love really conquer all? The challenge is extreme-the stakes have never been higher.
The fortune cookies tease her. You will lead a long and happy life. Those dumb things are never right.
Chessie Madrid wants to fall in love, she wants to fly airplanes, and most of all she wants to live longer than 6752 days. With a fatal disease camped inside of her wreaking havoc since she turned sixteen, the doctor's predictions are far more sinister. Preparing for death is a total drag.
Instead, Chessie makes a list of her deepest desires, keeping her impending demise a secret, and being pretend-well. When the list suddenly starts to come true, sending Chessie's life and everything in it reeling, it's a case of being careless what you wish for.
With a new sister she's always dreamed of, a father who's a nightmare, and a lesson in love arriving all at once, Chessie makes her last wish the one that will matter most of all-to live or die trying. 


It all started with a fortune cookie. "You will live a long and happy life." But everyone knows Fortune Cookies can't tell you your future. Same goes for Chessie. She had a disease, The Big S. as she calls it. The out come isn't looking good for her. She has kept this hidden for over two years. She swore her grandmother to secrecy. So she makes a wish list. It may just be coincidence, but all her wishes start to come true.

This was a very good book. I really liked Chessie's character, until she started hooking up with Johnny. She knows what it's like to be a victim of cheating, and she does that very thing to his girl friend. Even though she can tell he doesn't really love her. She does things with him so he will notice her. I really liked Logan, I was hoping to get more of her story. I'm glad Chessie finally got to tell Mark Madrid how she really felt about him.

I think I've given away to much already, so go out and buy your copy now! You wont be disappointed!


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