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Guest Post: Heather Huffman

Today I would like to welcome a very special guest, Heather Huffman. Not only is she releasing her fifth book in December, she also raises awareness about Human Trafficking. I feel more people should know about this, so I asked her to share some things with us today.

Many thanks to Ashley for allowing me to appear on The Blogging Book today – I appreciate the
chance to talk about my novels and the cause that drives them.

One of the greatest challenges I faced when breaking into the industry was the fact that my books
don’t fit neatly into any particular category, and they’re often hard to describe. The stories I write
don’t shy away from the darker corners of life, but they’re largely warm and funny reads. Although
my books are fictional, the characters and storylines are inspired by people I’ve met through my work.

There is always a piece of me in them, too. Some of the most outlandish tales are mine, tweaked to fit
the story. My failures and triumphs are woven into every page. Given my unlikely heroines, it makes
me giggle a little to see people try to figure out what’s me and what’s fiction.

Of course, each of the books is my favorite in one way or another. At the moment, I’m really excited
about the launch of my fifth book, Ring of Fire. While all of my books intertwine, this one really ties
together several themes and characters from my other novels.

Since the beginning, it’s been important to me to use the books as a way to not only entertain, but
to raise awareness for human trafficking. When I was researching Throwaway and Suddenly a Spy, I
was shocked to learn there are more people enslaved today than there was during the height of the
transatlantic slave trade.

According to the United Nations, more than 12 million people are exploited worldwide for forced labor
and sexual exploitation. Some place that number closer to 30 million. It’s estimated that 100,000
minors are in the commercial sex trade in the United States alone. Keep in mind, that’s just a best
guess. There are countless children missing from the foster care system. We have no way of knowing
for certain what their fate is, but many of them have been lost to the black market sex trade that runs
rampant in our country. The more I learn, the more my heart breaks.

It’s a massive problem. When I look at the whole picture, a part of me wants to curl up in the fetal
position and cover my ears. Instead, I try to chip away at it in the areas I can help.

For starters, I try to raise awareness through my books and speaking engagements. I raise funds and
support organizations I trust that are in the front lines. Project Liberty is a small but amazing group of
people out of Michigan. World Vision works on a global scale to fight poverty – which feeds the cycle
of trafficking. LiNK addresses the human rights issues in North Korea, a crisis that often results in

A great place to start your own research into the issue is Polaris Project. They have a wealth of
information and training materials available on their website.

For those truly wanting to become involved in the fight, there are countless organizations you can
plug into. I started by doing an Internet search for human trafficking coalitions in my area. The
organizations I mentioned above often have volunteer opportunities. If you’re struggling to find your
fit, you can always contact me. I’m happy to help my readers find their niche.

Many thanks again to Ashley for allowing me to share some information on human trafficking and
remember, if we all give just a little towards the fight, the result will add up to something huge!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to talk about how we can help out. Only if it's just a little.

Heather Huffman writes romantic suspense with strong female leads who refuse to lose hope. Though her stories never shy from looking into the world’s darker corners, they don't dwell there. Heather shares with her resilient heroines a passion to make a real difference and so donates a portion of her book royalties to organizations that fight against human trafficking.

Heather was born and spent her childhood in Florida but now calls the beautiful state of Missouri home. Her greatest joy, when not writing, is to hit the road with her three boys for adventures unknown. 

She has written four novels, that are out right now. 

 When society deemed Jessie a throwaway, she didn't let it stop her from finding the sunshine in her world...
But that world is threatened when she finds herself undeniably drawn to the mischievous glint in the eyes of a man unlike any she's ever met before.
What starts as a simple crush will lead them both on a journey they could never have anticipated. From a vibrant St. Louis neighborhood known as Cherokee Street to a cave in the Ozark Mountains with a 120-year-old mystery to hide, Jessie fights organized crime, corruption and her own fears to reclaim her life and leave her mark on this world.

 Neena Allen's life didn't exactly follow the path she'd anticipated. She couldn't have seen the twists and turns that would lead her to wander the woods, presumed dead by the prison guards. When Neena starts a new life in a little Arkansas town, she finds a contentment she never dreamed possible. The thing about skeletons in your closet is they always come back to haunt you.

Kate Yager never had a father, and she never minded - until her mom died. Now, acting on the name called out on her mother's deathbed, Kate has moved to San Francisco and gotten herself hired by the man she suspects to be her dad. As if a new job, new apartment, and new parent weren't enough, Kate finds herself head-over-heels in lust with a complete stranger she met at an art show. A stranger who, she later finds out, happens to work in her office.

As her relationships with her friends and father grow stronger, Kate has to confront the decisions of her past to find out whether she can love the man who gave her up, love the man who loves her truly, and even whether she can love herself

On her wedding day, Veronica Sinclair thinks she has it all: the loving family, the Vera Wang dress, the hunky husband. But then a mysterious and beautiful woman shows up at the reception, suggesting Veronica’s new hubby isn’t exactly who he says he is. As if that weren't enough, Veronica and Richard must flee gunmen in the middle of their honeymoon, convincing Veronica she got more than she bargained for when she said, “I do.”

Thrown into a world of espionage, seduction, and human trafficking, Veronica must fight for the life and husband she thought she had – and she must discover whether they are the life and husband she truly wants.

And Ring Of Fire will be out in December! I have heard nothing but good reviews for Heather's novels, so go check them out!

You can find out more about Heather Huffman and her books on:

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