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Review: Borrowed Heart

Title: Borrowed Heart
Series: Evie Sanders Series #1
Author: Linda Lamberson
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 226 pp
Source: Author, Requested Review


Evie Sanders is pretty good at heeding that gnawing feeling she gets when trouble rears its head—or at least she used to be. Things change when she meets Quinn Harrison one morning after class. Evie would never do anything intentionally to hurt her long-distance boyfriend or jeopardize their relationship, but she finds it increasingly difficult to resist Quinn. Just when things can’t seem to get any more complicated, Evie is involved in a fatal car accident. Yet, her death marks a new beginning—and her new existence as an immortal. It’s not long before Evie and Quinn’s paths cross again, and she finds herself trying to walk a fine line between bending the rules she must now obey and breaking them.


I absolutely loved this book. It sucked me in from the very first page. The romance was fast and all consuming. At lease it was for me. Evie felt an instant bond with Quinn, but she was already in a relationship with Ryan. She felt horrible. Long distance relationships are hard, so to figure out her feelings, she goes to see Ryan. Only she doesn't make it back.

This book was amazing, but its one of those that you can't tell this because it will give away that. It frustrates me because I cant really say a whole lot about it, but it makes the book all the better. This is one of those stories you never want to end, but you cant stand the suspense so you tear through it. Then regret it because you have to wait another year for the sequel to come out. I got stuck on the characters, I would find myself thinking about them when I wasn't reading.

I can not wait for Peace of Mind- The second book  in the Evie Sanders Series to come out!


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