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Always a Hero

Title: Always A Hero
Author: Valerie Franklin
Genre: Romance
Format: eBook,
Source: Author, Requested Review


Terror comes in many forms…

For Rebecca it began before her husband was deployed to Iraq. In her misery, she wanted him to hurt as much as she was hurting, so she hurled hateful words that once said, could not be unsaid. In the four months since she stood with their small son, Sean, at her side on the blistering tarmac, a fake smile pasted on her lips and waved until the plane was a tiny speck in the sky, she had spent hours trying to find a way to apologize, but she found it too hard to apologize in a letter.

She wished that she could have rewound the clock and that she had thought before blurting out that she wanted a separation. It was only after shouting the words and seeing her husband’s reaction that she understood just how much words can wound.

For Paul, the words cut deeper into his heart than any bullet. He had to go where he was assigned; the Army didn’t wait for any man. In his mind he understood that it was stress speaking and not his wife’s heart, but knowing that he had to go with the words hanging between them cut him to ribbons and made his heart bleed.

At first, he would scan each letter in fear that he would see the dreaded words that she had filed for divorce, but that letter never came. Contrastingly, his wife’s letters were full of everyday events that he was missing, pictures of Sean, and information about his parents. None of the letters had contained an apology, but Rebecca was writing each day, which gave him hope for the future.

Until Fate intervened tearing both of their worlds apart.

Her husband, her lover, the father of their children was reported as Missing In Action in Iraq, and all Rebecca wanted to do was crawl into a hole and pray for his safe return…but it was a luxury she was being denied. With Paul already missing, now their home, their possessions, her sense of security…everything they had built together was systematically being ripped from her. Her safety net was gone leaving her isolated and vulnerable…


Mrs. Franklin wastes no time getting to the good stuff. You start out with a few details, just to get you sucked in, then she lays it on you. Good luck trying to put the book down after that. 

I don't even want to imagine what it would be like to have a loved one in the military. I have a hard enough time with my husband leaving on business trips. That's two weeks at most. But there are people that go through it all the time. And reading this book has shone a whole new light on what these people go through. 

The way Valerie describes the feelings and surroundings is wonderful. You get caught up in the story, you feel what the characters are going through, like you can relate to them.

This book is absolutely amazing. If you have not read it, I suggest you do that now. You will not be disappointed.


Loved it!

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